Ways To Use Bay Leaf In Magick

Bay leaf is one of the simplest herbs you can use for magick. It is one of the great herbs for even starter witches and if you are a closet witch you can store them in your kitchen for “soups and stews.”

When planning your herb collection adding bay leaf to the top of your starter herb list is a great way to have a versatile and strong herb at your disposal while working magic. This common herb can be found in nearly any herb section and to the shock of many popular restaurant burritos.

Magical uses for Bay Leaf.

1. Manifestation: for a simple and quick money spell burn bay leaf with the word money or prosperity written on the leaf. This is a great addition to this simple money spell.

2. Cleansing and purification: Mix bay leaf in with your sage bundles and smudge sticks for smoke cleansing your home.

3. Stress reliever: Crush bay leaf and burn on a charcoal tablet as a simple homemade incense to help relieve stress and anxiety.

4. Amplify your healing energy: Wearing a bay leaf necklace or earrings is a great way to amplify your natural healing energy while doing healing work.

5. Success: Place a bay leaf in your wallet to draw money and success to you as you carry it around.

6. Make a wish: Hold a bay leaf in your hand while focusing on your wish. Burn the bay leaf in a heat-safe dish.

7. Drive out unwanted spirits: When clearing unwanted spirits out of a space you can burn bay with or in place of sage.

8. Divination: A common form of divination is to throw a leaf into a fire and look at the sparks and smoke to diving the future. This is called daphnomancy and is common in indigenous cultures. Bay laurel makes a great option for the leaf of choice.

9. Connection to nature: Bay laurel will connect to the person that plants and cares for it. Planting a bay laurel tree is a great way to forage a favorable connection with nature. This is often seen as a way to ensure a peaceful passing at the end of your life.

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10. Healing recipes: Placing bay leaf in your soups and stews is a great way to charge them with healing energy while practicing kitchen witchery.