How To Cast A Simple Curse

When people think of magic and witchcraft the first thing that comes to mind is often cursed. Many people wonder how to cast a curse for if a witch really can cast a curse. The truth is casting a curse is very simple and anyone can do it.

In fact, most people who cast curses have no idea they are doing it. On the other hand, some people like myself have cast curses with intention.

What is a curse

The definition of a curse is a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon someone. This means an curse can be extremely simple. In fact, the people who cast curses the most are in fact those in religions that ban witchcraft.

I have had to take the time to break curses cast by my catholic inlaws many times over the years of our marriage. This has made it very difficult to cause issues in our marriage because I am always clearing away their attempts at the damage.

What is the simplest curse people cast?

If you have never thought you hope some ill will comes to someone else that is being a jerk? This is in itself a curse. Often the type that talismans like the evil eye talisman are used to protect against.

When you know what these intentions in thoughts are you open the do some amazing things. This is the simplest curse you can cast. A simple prayer or intention can set off a chain reaction to make life difficult for someone else.

How to cast a curse

Casting this curse is extremely easy but you want to put some protection up yourself first to help prevent it from bouncing back on you. If you do not have the protection you are putting yourself in danger for no reason.

:: A quick protection spell or even carrying protective crystals with you can be a great start option when it comes to keeping yourself safe should you need to cast a curse.

:: Decide if this is the best course of action for your target. Does this person really deserve a curse? Is a curse the best way to deal with the situation?

:: Decide what your curse should be. This is very important. Those that go around casting heartless curses that do not fit the crime are the ones that often see them bite back.

:: Decide on a trigger for the curse. Simply enacting a curse will not teach someone a lesson. Instead, cast a curse that has a trigger such as if someone harms another.

:: Cast your curse. I love to look the person I am cursing in the eye but it is far from necessary to do so. Simply envisioning them in your mind is enough. Then state your intentions clearly.

What is my favorite curse?

My favorite curse was one I cast the other day on my sister’s manager that is by far terrible to employees. This guy will go so far as to scream at them in front of customers while they are doing what he was yelling at them for not doing.

I have had enough of my sister being miserable so I have decided to take things into my own hands when I happened to walk past him the other day.

I looked him in the eyes and set the intention that every time he needlessly yells at my sister his balls will itch. This curse works well for a few reasons:

:: It is targeted directly.

:: It has a trigger that the person can learn from

:: It doesn’t cause actual harm but more discomfort until he learned to be respectful.

:: The curse will dissipate after he learned his lesson and stops with the behavior.

Another example of this is my terrible neighbor. He is obsessed with his grass and makes everyone in the neighborhood miserable. I cursed him that every time he is a jerk to my family some of his grass dies back.

It caused him no harm but the rest of the neighborhood got a lot of satisfaction over the brown patch poping up.

What about karma and curses?

Some paths such as Wiccans do not believe in doing harm to others in any way. those that follow this often end up unintentionally casting curses like Christians do.

If you are going to cast a curse its best to have full control over the situation don’t you think? Instead of praying to a deity that you home, they teach someone a lesson you can control your karma by casting a curse with an intention that is wisely planned.

Can a curse come back to bite you? Of course. Just like a money spell can bite you in the rear if you are not mindful of being grateful for what you have casing a curse can bite you in the rear by bouncing some of that energy back at you.

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This is why you protect yourself when casting curses and quite frankly never cast a curse you would not be able to handle should it come back to you.