The Best Witch Coffee Mugs

Whether it’s Halloween or you just want a cute coffee cup these are a great option for you. Witch coffee mugs are so cute and perfect for expressing your style or buying for that witch on your holiday shopping list. No matter the occasion life is short so have a little fun.

 Yes I Can Drive a Stick

I thought about grabbing this one for my husband. He would laugh because he can drive a stick…. me, on the other hand, I’m lucky if I can walk without running into a wall.

 Witch’s Brew Personalized Coffee Mug

I love things that you can personalize. They make great gifts or treats for yourself. If you have an unusual name you know how I feel about gifts you can customize with any name.

 you say Witch like it’s a bad thing

Being a witch is NEVER a bad thing right? This witch coffee mug is perfect to show off your witchy pride.


Anyone else feel this witch coffee mug speaks to them? I am totally fueled by chrystals and coffee just saying.

 Personalized Witch Mason Jar

We all have an obsession with jars right? I am always looking for free glass jars for my stash. This witches brew coffee mug pays homage to our collections of glass jars.

 Hermit Tarot Card

Tarot rocks and the hermit is totally how I feel in the mornings.

 Witch Cauldron Coffee Mugs

Who wouldn’t love to drink their coffee from a bubbling cauldron… Yeah I am a little odd but life is more fun that way.



Anyone else proud to be the neighborhood witch? Grab this Village Witch coffee mug.

 Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble, This Witch Needs Coffee Or There’ll Be Trouble

I may have this coffee mug on my wish list. I just love the look and the rhyme of it.

 Witches Brew Oversized Coffee Mug

Find more witchy gift ideas here on Grounded In The Earth-like these beautiful smudge sticks and these Hocus Pocus themed gifts. This witchy coffee mug is one of those giant mugs you use on camping trips that allow you to fill enough bubbly brew to warm you down to your bones.

Perfectly Witchy coffee mugs

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