The Myth Of Black Meaning Dark Magick.

One of the biggest myths you will find on the internet about magick and witchcraft is that black is a bad thing. Often connected with evil and “dark” magick the color black for magical tools has a bad rap. This of course is largely a myth.

The basis of this myth is set in racism. No color makes anything inherently evil or bad. The color black is not magically going to make your spell dangerous or harmful.

In fact, black can be an aid to several types of spells. Using the color black in your magick is a great way to aid several types of spells.

“Black magic traditions”

When people think of evil magic or black magic they often think of Hoodoo Or Voodoo. This is a key place racism comes into play. Voodoo and Hoodoo are closed practices that come from African traditions.

Due to their closed nature and being openly involved in witchcraft they have been labeled as “black magic” and “Evil.” Add the association with our melanin-rich sisters (and brothers) in the craft that practice these traditions it becomes easy to see where racism led to the label of it being a bad thing.

The truth is neither Voodoo port Hoohoo are evil. Each and every one of\us contains the ability to make choices for good or bad. Just as each type of magick is a tool that can be used to make those choices become part of our reality.

Here is a really good read on the concept of evil in magick.

Black candles and witchcraft

Perhaps the biggest tool to get a bad rap black candles are often feared and advised against. The color of the candle you are working with is a great way to charge up your intentions. White candles can be used as a catch-all if you do not have another color and are the most popular.

Black candles are often overlooked and assisted with pop culture and movies with things like the black flame candle in Hocus Pocus. This gives a false notion that they are something to fear.

The truth is not only are black candles an amazing asset to your magic they can help to change the vibration of a space or calm anxiety. I burn black candles often in our home to help draw out negative energy.

Other positive black tools in magic

Instead of looking at black as a negative take a look at black tools in magic that are often seen as a positive.

:: Black salt made by mixing the ashes of herbs used for smoke cleansing or activated charcoal. Black salt is used for the protection of your home and family.

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:: Black crystals like tourmaline and obsidian are highly protective.