Kid-Friendly Money Spell

I have been much more intentional in working magic with the kids more regularly. Working magick with kids as young as three means that I need something that works on their level and can captivate their attention. A few times a month we sit down and discuss a common goal we want to work on as a family-like prosperity to get all of those toys they have their eyes on. That led to this kid-friendly money spell.

After we decided that our goal would be to raise our income with our new sites and youtube channel (the kids have started their own) I set out to find what we need.

This triggered me to look for kid-friendly magic supplies like birthday candles that burn off much faster than chime candles.

We settled on green birthday candles with a sweet treat to hold them while the candles burn. Being busy and tired like I often am around the full moon when my grandmother forgets what sleep is I opted to grab some premade treats but you can make your own.

While this money spell is kid-friendly it is a great option for adults as well so don’t shy away from this just because you do not have young kids working with you. It is perfect for when you just want something simple.

What you need:

How to do this simple money spell

Use golden coloring to spray your snack choice. This will give it a faint golden color. If you want a truly bright gold pick something with yellow frosting.

Place your candle into your treat.

For this spell you can place the tiger’s eye with the treat like I did for these photos or for a more effective option hold your crystal while you perform the spell.

Light your candle and focus on your intention while the candle burns. This is a great time to practice meditating on a particular intention.

Eat your treat after your candle has burned out.

Make this spell your own.

Never use a spell just as you found it. Magick is an incredibly personal practice. Here are a few ways to make it your own.

:: You can change this up by using pumpkin spice cupcakes to take advantage of the money drawing herbs in pumpkin pie spice.

:: Sip away at this money tea spell while you wait to eat your treat

:: Work in your gratitude journal while the candle burns

:: Add coins or another symbol of wealth and abundance to your spell.

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