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Parents: One of the best and easiest to obtain tools for magic is salt. For this week’s lesson, we are going to introduce the kids to salt and its wonderful properties that help us in our magical working. Salt is naturally protective and can be enhanced with projects like making black salt and using salt in simple spells to cleanse the energy in your home. This is a great activity to get the kids up and help clean up the house as well.

Warning to parents: Cleaning spells are very effective and when I do them with the children I have learned the hard way to be very careful what we focus on as the magic of the whole family working together can do a lot all at once.

This weeks shopping list:

A verity of salt. This can include table salt, rock salt, Himalayan pink salt, kosher salt. Whatever you have on hand.

Ash from burning herbs, activated charcoal, black glitter, or black pepper. If using glitter please use a black biodegradable glitter to protect the environment from damage.

Kids lessons:

Learn about salt

Salt is a powerful tool that can be used for magick. It is great for cleansing and purification like when you use it in a bath or for cleansing your crystals.

We have gathered each type of salt in the house but there are many other types of salt available ranging from the salt in the sea to mines deep underground. You can watch a virtual tour of a salt mine here.

When using salt you need to be mindful of not using too much. On TV you may see people making big thick lines of salt. This is wasteful but also contaminated the soil killing plants and can harm animals that may eat too much. You only need a sprinkle, not a big pile or thick line.

Here are a few spell options to do with your parents this week. Please choose at least one to do and write it down along with notes on how the spell went in your book of shadows.

Black salt protection spell

Salt is a powerful protector often used by those that cast circles as protection while practicing, meditating, or even sleeping. Today we are going to talk about using salt to make black salt for the protection and cleansing of your space.

The color black is great for absorbing negative energy making black salt a great tool. Today we are going to make our own black salt. This can be done in a variety of ways using whatever you have on hand to color your salt black. Be mindful when coloring your salt that you want to use earth-friendly items.

DIY Black salt for Magic

After mixing the ingredients to create your black salt we are going to use it to create some protection magic on our home. Gently sprinkle the black salt along the window sills and door entries. If you have privacy where you live you can even lightly sprinkle around the outside of your home. Here are some more uses for black salt.

Cleansing salt bath

Set up a nice warm bath with a handful of salt and a sprinkle of herbs or flowers. This can be done with regular salt or Epsom salt. Soak and relax in the bath imagining all of the negative energy in your life being pulled out by the salt and washed down the drain.

Salt home energy cleanse

Sprinkle salt on the floor paying attention to nooks and crannies where negative energy may hide in your home then give the floor a good sweep or vacuum to pull all of that negative energy out leaving fresh, light, and happy energy behind. Take the gathered dust and salt out to the trash right away to get it out of your home. Some people sweep this right out the front door but if you can not simply placing it in the trash will work.

Salt wall wash

Salt makes a powerful addition to cleaning in your home because cleaning with it leaves behind the salts protective and cleansing energy. While this is a great spell to do before moving into your home it helps to use this spell every few months or so to help cleanse away old energy and put up some fresh protection around your home.

Add salt to your favorite all-purpose cleaner or even just to some water and spray down your walls then wipe them down. This can be done with a rag attached to the bottom of your broom. For younger kids simply have them help spot clean walls within their reach.