Cheap and Free Tools For Witchcraft

Witchcraft is often known for its aesthetics. Something that makes magic seem to expensive. Something that often turns young and witches away from the craft. The truth is magic doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, many magickal tools can be cheap or free.

Cheap and free tools for magic

Birthday and cheap dollar store candles

Candles are one of my favorite magical tools. I love to use them to magnify my energy and to help keep my intentions going long after I have become distracted by life.

Sticks, stones, and flowers

– Grow your own plants and flowers to use in your magic.

– step outside and forage for new plants that you can use in your magic. Use a plant ID app to make it easy.

Put your kitchen tools to work.

There is no need to go out buy new knives and a cauldron when you first start out. Work your way up and put that money into more useful places. Instead, raid for kitchen and make use of the tools you have available there.

Glass jars

If you spend any time with a fellow witch you quickly notice there’s one thing they always seem to have… Glass jars. Take advantage of these ideas to find free glass jars.

Dried spices

Dig through the kitchen cabinets and put your dried herbs and spices to work in your magic. Start with these easy to find herbs to attract money to help you get started and build your supplies faster.

Leftover craft supplies

free tools for witch craft

Dig through that craft box to make your own magical tools. All it takes is a little time and creativity like with these homemade glass runes.


The earth is our mother. The very dirt that makes up the earth grounds us and our magic. It can be used ins spells for grounding and protection.


Moon water is a great way to evoke the power of the moon at its different stages for your magic no matter what phase the moon is in at the time. Start with full moon water and new moon water as these are the two most commonly used moon phases.

Rocks and crystals

Rocks and crystals are great for adding and channeling energy into your magic. While you can spend good money on crystals you don’t need to buy a ton to get started. Instead, go for a walk and look for stones that catch your eye.

Most lawn and garden stores carry basic rough quartz and rose quartz you can use in your magic for next to nothing.


Salt is such a basic ingredient in spells and aid in protection. It is also extremely affordable and can be found right in your own kitchen. Add some ashes or charcoal to make your own black salt.


Many of us spend a lot of time working money and prosperity spells. This is one reason why witches always seem to have so much even when they actively try not to. Prosperity can come in many forms. Change makes a great addition to money and prosperity magic and helps show the universe what your intentions are.

Cheap notebooks and pens

Hop by your local dollar store and grab a notebook and a pack of pens. Fun colors are always a bonus. These simple tools are all you need to start your own Book of Shadows

Jewelry you already own

Did through your jewelry box for gold and silver that can be used in spells. Charms and pendants with magical meanings are a great addition to your magic and don’t cost you anything because you already have them. Animals, stars, and plants are always a great addition.

Library books

Check your local library. Many libraries carry a nice selection of magic and occult books that can help you as you get started on your journey until you can build your own collection.


You can find mirrors at your local dollar store and local thrift stores for cheap. These mirrors are a handy tool for witchcraft.

Tips for finding cheap witchcraft supplies

Shop around: Visit different stores or online retailers to compare prices and find the best deals.

Buy in bulk: Many suppliers offer discounts when you purchase larger quantities of items. Consider purchasing essential supplies like candles, herbs, or crystals in larger amounts.

Check out discount stores: Stores like dollar stores, thrift stores, or discount stores may have some basic supplies like candles or incense at a lower price.

Look for sales: Keep an eye out for sales or clearance events at witchcraft supply stores or online retailers. You may be able to snag some great deals on items you need.

Make your own supplies: Making your own supplies can be a cost-effective option. For example, you can make your own candles or herbal blends using materials you already have on hand.

Join a witchcraft community: Joining a local or online community of witches can provide you with resources, tips, and even opportunities to swap or share supplies with other practitioners.

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Remember that while affordability is important, it’s also important to prioritize quality and ethical sourcing when purchasing witchcraft supplies. Research suppliers and read reviews before making any purchases.