How To Do An Egg Cleanse

It’s that time of year again when everyone is talking about doing egg cleanses. This is because and egg cleaning is a simple way to clear out old energy and open yourself to rebirth and growth. What better way to start the new year?

This is a great ritual or spell you can do at home that only takes a few simple household items and an open mind. Today we are going to chat about egg cleansing, how it works, how to read your eggs, and what your next steps should be. 

What is egg cleansing?

The spiritual egg cleansing ritual is effective in ridding the body and environment of negative energy. It is a good idea to conduct an egg cleansing whenever you feel there is bad energy around you to discover what it is.

3Using a magic procedure, you can eliminate negative energies, cleanse your aura, and open all doors quickly! Spiritual cleansing with eggs has been practiced by many ancient cultures and modern cultures today.

3Eggs are considered a symbol of growth and life. Negative and stuck energy is said to be absorbed by the egg. In other words, it is a special energetic tool and container that absorbs life and energy when used as a spiritual vacuum. In other words, it removes anything that isn’t essential or vital to you. 

What do you need for an egg cleans?

  • 1 room-temperature egg
  • 1 white candle (or another candle of your choice )
  • 1 clear glass of room-temperature water

How to perform an egg cleanse

:: The candle should be lit with your intention in mind (for most this is cleansing and renewal)

:: Run the egg all over your body from head to toe, saying any prayer of your choice (or nothing at all), and envision all negativity being absorbed by the egg.

:: You will need to break the egg into the water, leave it for 5 minutes, then read the results.

:: After that, flush it down the toilet or into a bonfire.

How to understand the meaning of your egg cleanse

Reading an egg cleanse and interesting its meaning is pretty easy. You can take an intuitive approach or give the guide below a try to help get the hang of reading egg cleanses. 

Quick notes on how to read an egg cleanse

:: A work of evil is operating if the water smells bad or if you see blood in the egg.

:: The presence of small spots of blood in the water is a sign of bad luck and damage caused by strong forces, especially if the water is cloudy.

:: Cloudy water without odor and blood indicates a loss of soul or energy.

:: It is a sign of an enemy when the egg yolk is shaped like a face. A round face indicates a female enemy, a slender face indicates a male enemy.

:: An eye-shaped yolk indicates the evil eye.

:: If there are small bubbles in the water, this indicates that the negative energy has been absorbed by the guardian spirits.

:: If the water is clear, without abnormal shapes, smells, or blood, then there are no unnatural events occurring in your life.

Common interpretations of an egg cleanse

Scan the bold text to make it easy to find what you need. 


You should be concerned when you see a figure in the yolk that looks like an animal or a person. The meaning of this image is that the person is envious of you. In the case of an animal or object, you should recall if you dreamt of it or if you are experiencing a problem in your life at the moment. 

When you break the egg and see pointy images in the shape of needles or nails, it means that someone has wished ill will on you, which means that they do not want you to succeed. 

A good sign is when you break an egg and see flowers. This means good times are coming your way and negative energies are leaving. 

You need to do another cleansing if the egg has a symbol of a bird, such as a vulture, owl, or crow, to break free of negative energy around you. 

Watch out for silhouettes in the egg. This is a sign that your spirit guides want to communicate with you. 

Having cobweb shapes in the egg means many people are jealous of you and want you to fail in something you want, like a business, a project, or a promotion. 

Large balloons in the water indicate a cage. When you are trapped in a situation, you won’t be able to get out of it quickly. You may be trapped by someone or you may be trapped by the wrong things you have done.

You may need cleansing to get out of such a situation. I suggest multiple methods of cleansing. 

You may have emotional problems affecting your relationships with others if your egg yolk has clouds or swirling figures

Different geometric figures have different meanings in the egg. The triangles in your life are interpretations of the lies you’ve been telling and your guilt. Squares indicate that you need to move forward and let go of the past.

Color and texture

It is a sign that you are very tired when the yolk comes out of the egg with bubbles surrounding it or shooting upwards. This could be the reason why you have not had the strength to do anything. You might even feel dizzy or get headaches. 

When it comes to the meanings and interpretations of the egg, the color of the egg white is important. When you break an egg and the white appears murky or dark, you are scared and you need more confidence. 

If the yolk of the egg appears hot and the white appears very white, it is a sign that there is negative energy surrounding you. This looks almost as if it has been cooked. You should perform another egg cleansing ritual to remove it. 

An odor or blood in the egg is a sign that evil spirits are around you and you need a cleansing ritual. 


A curled egg yolk is an indication that you could become ill and you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you see red or black spots on the yolk after you break the egg, you should pay attention to the warnings. This sign indicates the presence of a disease in your body.

If the yolk is cloudy, black, or grey, it means that an evil eye has been sent your way.

Breaking an egg and seeing a coat cover the yolk means that someone is constantly disturbing you and provoking you in order to make you angry.

Seeing spikes in the yolk of the egg represents anger that you haven’t let go of.

A floating yolk is a warning. The yolk always goes down when you break a normal egg. On the other hand, if the yolk stays in the middle or goes up, it means that someone is sending to harm you.

You may see eyes in the yolk of an egg when someone is watching you out of jealousy. As a result, you have felt uncomfortable and your path has been blocked.

The white halos surrounding the yolk indicate that you make decisions too quickly and you need to slow down. 

Egg yolks with many threads indicating gossip are disturbing your life, and people are trying to make you sad. You should perform another egg cleansing to clear your path. 

Common questions about doing an egg cleanse

What if you break your egg while cleansing?

If you break your egg during your egg cleanse this is an indication that there is negative energy trying to stop you from performing the cleanse.

Clean up the egg using salt then repeat the cleanse. You may want to consider another type of energy cleanse like sound, smoke cleansing, or using a selenite wand

Tips for your egg cleansing ritual

A Sunday or a Monday is the most suitable day for an egg cleansing. It will help you start the week with lots of energy. It can also be done at the start of a month or a new year. 

The cleansing can be performed at any time during the day. Many people like to start the day or end the day with an egg cleanse so the next day can have a fresh start. 

While it is best to cleanse during the waning phase of the moon because this represents the taking away of things, it can be done at any time. This could be great magic for the new moons.  

You can do the cleansing in any room you want, provided it has a window to eliminate any negative energy. 

Make sure you do the cleansing alone if you don’t want to have it performed on someone else. 

LOOK THROUGH THE GLASS AND NOT DOWN INTO IT, as you can reabsorb the bad energies you just cleansed and would have to do it all over again!

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DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS of your egg cleanse. It is common for people to share photos of their cleanses in groups online. This is bad because you never know what energy your cleanse will hold and you do not want to be sending this energy off to others.