Basic Candle Magick For Beginners

Candle magic is a great way for new witches to get started in magick and more experienced witches to enhance their magick. When you are beginning candle magic can be a bit intimidating with all of the options you can take advantage of from type of candle to the color and how you dress it.

These basics of color magick will help you get started quickly. As you pr9ogress you may find that candle magic is a great addition to all sorts of magickal workings.

Why I love candle magic

Candle magick is one of my favorites because the burning candle acts as an amplifier and helps to keep your intentions burning longer. this is great for those of us that have a busy easily distracted life. As the candle burns even if you get distracted your intention is still being fed into the universe.

When to use candle magic?

In short, you can use candle magic for any spell you would like. Candle magick is particularly good for anything you want to invoke fire for including breaking curses and burning unwanted connections.

Candle magic is great for anything that needs a sustained intention or amplification of your intentions into the universe. Candle magic is great for reading how a spell is going making it a great guide on if your work is complete.

What kind of candles do I use for spells?

There are many types of candles that you can use in your magic. From simple birthday candles to candles made for spells and even large pillars and jar candles. The faster your ant your spell to go the smaller you want your candle to be. For a long term sustained spell or one you repeat for several days you want to pick a larger candle.

For quick kid-friendly spells I choose simple birthday candles. This is also a great way to use a candle for quick protection spells and short meditations and healings. For larger projects like clearing away any negative energy in my home I choose to use large jar candles.

A large black jar candle burning for a few days in a safe container (the bathtub or a large pot work great) always works to balance negative energy in my home. This was really put to the test in 2019.

What color candle should I use for my spell?

Color is very important for magick. Color represents the energy of the universe and the frequency you want to be on for each type of spell. When using candles for magic you can use basic white for anything but the possibilities that come from using colored candles are endless. Here is a complete list of candle colors and their uses.

Should I carve my spell candle?

Carving your candle depends on the spell but can be a great way to set your intentions or connect the candle to a particular person. If the spell if for a person carving their name is a powerful way to connect with that person.

If you like to do sigil magic you can take advantage of carving to add and charge sigils freeing them off into the universe as the candle burns.

How to I carve my spell candle?

How you carve your candle will depend on the size of your candle. A larger candle you would ideally use your athame to carve what you would like for your spell. Thinner taper candles may require something smaller like a pin to make carving work.

Dressing candles for spells.

Dressing candles is a great way to use your herbs, oils, and crystals in your candle magic. When dressing a candle you need to be even more mindful of candle safety and use a large heat-safe container like a large pot or dutch oven.

Candles can be dressed on the top if they are a jar candle or along the outside of a taper or pillar candle.

Using pins in your spell candles

You can place a pin in your candle to choose the point in which your energy is sent out into the world. This is a great way to charge your energy as the candle burns allowing it to release when the pin falls. You can also set multiple pins to help return your focus while meditating,.

Candle Magick Saftey

Keep fabrics, paper, and other flammable items away from your candles.

Keep candles up out of pet reach and where pets such as cats can not knock them down.

If you musty walk away from a burning candle use a protective barrier to prevent a fire or the risk of glass shattering with jar candles. A great way to his is to leave your candles in a pan inside your bathtub with a little bit of water.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Keep your candle which trimmed to help your candle burn evenly and make it more reliable when reading your candles drippings and burn patterns along with preventing sparks and fire risk.