Creating Happy Spaces And Moments

There are a lot of rough times read of us. Life has no hope of going back to normal and all the signs are there that things will only get worse. To help you handle what is a head you should spend some time creating happy spaces and memories with your family.

Happiness reaches into the deep dark corners of our minds, our lives, and our world and brings light to it. By creating happy spaces now and making happy memories you build an armor that can help you get through the worst of times and make it easier to work your craft in gratitude.

Creating happy spaces in your home

Our home is the best place we can start building happy spaces that can help to benefit us when things go bad. Your home is where you spend the most of your time and is easy to make your space feel warm, welcoming, and happy. Take a few tips to form the Danish practice of Hygge.

Creating a happy space in your bedroom.

Hygge is all about creating warm welcoming spaces in your home. The best place to start is your bedroom. Take the time to clean your room, including freshly washed bedding, then cleans it with salt, crystals, or smoke. This will help to give you a fresh energetic start to your space.

Follow up by adding warm touches that help to make your space feel warm and welcoming. Freshly lit candles or LED candles if you are worried about a fire, Fairy lights, live or faux plants. Consider a smart light bulb that can be dimmed for any overhead lighting. Treat yourself to a new soft throw blanket or pillow, and a new book to pull your happy space together.

Set ground rules for your bedroom like no fighting with your partner. Take arguments out of this space that you made so warm and inviting to keep the energy light and airy as much as possible. Avoid working on things you do not want to do in your room so that you do not associate yoru space with negative feelings from having to do work you do not enjoy or other unpleasant tasks.

Turn your bathroom into a spa

Another great space to create a happy space in your home is the bathroom. Take the time to give it a good cleaning and energy cleansing, then set it up with fresh linens, candles, and other luxuries that help to turn your bathroom into a spa space where you can relax.

Keeping a selection of bath salts and bubble baths is a great way to give yoru bathroom a spa feel and lets you make it into a happy space. During and after the holidays you can find some great sales on large bath sets that help to make yoru bathroom into a luxurious spa.

Make the most of your kitchen space

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Turning your kitchen into a warm welcoming space where you can cook food for yoru family is a great way to build a happy space for the entire family. take the time to work on fixing organizational and cleaning challenges in your kitchen to give you space to work without stress.

Stock your kitchen well. Creating a stockpile of food that will last your family for weeks is a great way to create something that will help you feel gratitude for what you have and make yoru life easier to manage while making your money go further. Having a stockpile is one of the best things you can do to prepare for the worst.

Creating happy memories

While we can create happy spaces in our lives that make it easier to find joy in the everyday we can also work to make happy memories that we can look back on. This year the holiday wills be rough for many but finding the time to make some happy memories with yoru loved ones is very important

Arming yourself with happy memories makes it easier to fight the darkness ahead and keep going even when the going gets hard. Over the coming weeks make a point to do the small things that will help you and yoru family build happy memories with each other.

Here are a few frugal ways to make some happy memories over the next few weeks:

:: Go look at holiday lights

:: Make hot cocoa and popcorn for a movie night

:: Build a snowman

:: Read books to your children every night

:: Go for walks as a family

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:: Take the time to explore your partner’s hobbies.