Honey Jar Spell: Love

Honey jar love spells are becoming increasingly popular. Honey is often used in spells to help sweeten people up or to help something stick. In this case is is great for helping to turn your target to you.

You would do a honey jar love spell is you are looking to attract your target to you and keep them obsessed with you.

Are honey jar love spells safe?

Whether or not your honey jar love spell is safe greatly depends upon your relationship and the trust you have with your target. Many women dive right into love spell like this and end up putting themselves in danger.

Jumping into a spell like this could lead to putting you in danger from a stalker or lock you into an unsafe relationship. Keep this is mind when you make your choice.

How To Make A Honey Jar Spell For Love

Put something to represent your target

There are a couple of ways to do this the simplest is by writing the name of your target (usually 3 times) to put into your jar or even adding a photo of them but my honey jar love spell takes a bit more finesse or trust to make happen.

For this one it was a bit easier than the average person would have to get hair to put in the jar. Last night when I told my husband I wanted a bit of his hair for a spell he laughed and said to leave his beard alone and covered it with his hand while I cut a lock of his hair.

Giving a witch your hair is by far on the top of my list of things you should never let a witch do but what can I say the man trusts me. I added some of my own hair to the spell to make it more of a couples version for the both of us.

Rose Quartz for your honey love spell jar

If you wish to add crystals to your love spell jar rose quartz is the best option or soft sweet love. Garnet makes a great option if you want deep passionate love, and you can add clear quartz to help amplify the crystals you have added.

Cinnamon in your honey jar love spell

If you are looking to add an herb or space to your love spell jar you can not go wrong with cinnamon. Cinnamon is great for clearing away negative energy which can be a blessing in a relationship by helping prevent unnecessary fighting.

Cinnamon is a great spiritual tool as well as a natural aphrodisiac. Cinnamon is great for adding to your spell jar if you are looking to ignite passion. Cinnamon is by far one of my favorite magickal herbs.

Does a honey jar sell for love work

For this love spell post last night I put this spell into action using a bit of my hair and a bit of my husband’s hair. Less than 24 hours later we are already seeing some wonderful results. We have found ourselves with several great happy memories of each other popping up.

Today on the phone with my husband while he was at work he totally pulled a line that would be right out of one of the spicy books I like to read. I was impressed and he doesn’t even read those books.

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Overall I have to say This love spell does really work and it is a great way to enhance your relationship.