Manifestation Boxes

One of my favorite manifestation spells I have made is a manifestation box. I had done this for years using a safe and had wished that it had an easier-to-flow-in option. This evolved to my manifestation mailbox when I found a locking mailbox while looking for a locking box for my daughter.

Building a manifestation box is a great way to encourage blessings in your life and attract money and other forms of wealth to you.

Why you should build a manifestation box

A manifestation box is a great way to attract the things you want to you. Because this box has an easy way for things like money to flow in but takes more work for it to flow out.

Having a system like this for manifestation magic is a great option for those that are looking for ways to manifest more money without the common pitfall of manifesting an expense with it.

What can you use as a manifestation box?

What you use for your manifestation box is very important. There are two things you need to pay attention to.

Your manifestation box should have an easy way to feed your box. This is why I use a mailbox. I can encourage the things I want to flow in by leaving it available for blessings to flow in.

If you are trying to manifest something like money that tends to flow out faster than it flows in you can help fight this common issue by using a box with a lock or that is hard to get into. A locking piggy bank is a great option.

What to put in your manifestation box

What you put into and feed to your manifestation box will depend on what your goals are. If you are using this as a money spell you can make the most of this spell by adding herbs that attract money, crystals for wealth and abundance, and of course, feeding it money often.

If you are trying to attract a different thing to you such as fertility you can add crystals and herbs for fertility, a charm or symbol of a fertility goddess.

How often to feed your manifestation box

Feeding your manifestation box is one of the best ways to encourage it to keep pulling in more of what you want. Try feeding your manifestation box on a regular basis as well as when it calls to you. If you find yourself sitting there thinking you should feed it when you are looking at it that is a good sign it is time.

When feeding you can feed your spell with things that help attract what you are after as well as feeding them with the things you want such as when you are doing a money spell.

Feeding your manifestation box often is a great way to encourage positive energy toward your goal and help to manifest what you want in life.

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