Expert Tips for Learning to Read Tarot Cards

There is an element of intimidation in learning to read Tarot cards. As with many things in the metaphysical community, the Tarot is often surrounded by myths and mysteries that can make people hesitant to use them.

Reading Tarot cards is, in reality, a highly personal practice that will vary from practitioner to practitioner, as will the person’s journey toward becoming one with the cards.  

Learning to read tarot cards is well worth the time and effort both for your own guidance and a great way to help others or even build your own business. The following tips will help you achieve a greater connection with your Tarot deck and get real answers for yourself or clients in the future.

Find a deck that you connect with

There is no wrong way to read tarot cards as they are unique and have quirks and individualities just like us. The energy of your tarot deck needs to vibe well with your own. This is a good sign that you are truly connected with your tarot deck. the best tarot decks choose you and tend to pull you towards them. 

A common myth associated with tarot is that you cannot buy yourself your first deck, but this is not true at all. If you find yourself wandering around the mall or bookstore and you keep returning to the same deck, that deck is probably calling to you. 

Get a good basic guide to tarot cards

Tarot decks come with guides customized to match the artwork in the deck, however, it makes sense to get a guide to traditional tarot to learn about the cards and get a feel for them beyond what the artists saw as they developed them.

Do a daily card pull

Adding a daily card pull to your morning ritual is a great way to get to know your deck personally. In addition, you get to practice seeing how the cards relate to real events as you pull them and read the advice they give you throughout your day. 

Doing a daily pull is a great way to get to know your cards and how they can relate to your everyday life helping you to learn to read the cards without a lot of stess.

Carry your tarot deck around with you to build a connection

When you are nearby your tarot deck throughout the day your energy will start to coincide with that of your deck. Your deck will benefit from this connection because it will help you communicate on an energetic level.

Over time, you will eventually learn to detect the cards a deck is calling you to simply by tracking the energy the card is releasing and work towards intuition reading. 

Master a couple of card spreads that resonate with you

Whenever a new skill like Tarot is being learned, it is a good idea to start small and become well-versed in some of the basics. Choose a couple Tarot card spreads to help get you started and find your groove.

The classic 3 card pull is perfect for beginners as they are working to really become familiar with the cards and how they work together. This card pull can be done anywhere without needing a large space to spread out your cards. 

This Tarot card spread provides a more detailed reading that is easy to learn: the Celtic cross spread.

This spread is great for asking for guidance to a question that is bothering you and has been known to impress even Tarot skeptics with its ability to bring up deep connections to the original question even when the reader is unaware of it. 

Give your intuition a chance 

Tarot reading is a skill that can be mastered over and over again by memorizing the meaning of the cards, but at the end of the day, intuition is what makes the cards come alive.

Pay attention to the way your cards make you feel and whether any messages appear to you when you pull them. Discover the message the card and the combination of cards are trying to convey to you using your intuition. You will often get a more nuanced answer through your intuition than through a general meaning list. 

Use your tarot cards often

Throughout the day, take a look at your Tarot deck. It can be used for own reading, to choose what to do after work, or even for friends and family. The more you use your Tarot deck, the better you will understand what it is telling you and to build a personal connection with it. 

Use your tarot deck regularly by keeping a tarot journal, where you can record which cards you pulled, the orientation of the cards (upright or reversed), your feelings about them, and any messages that came with them.

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When you see how that card relates to the day as a whole or an event that happened later in the day, add it to your journal to start to see the cards in action while building a lasting memory of each.