Must Have Healing Crystals to Add to Your Collection

A crystal is a wonderful tool for making the most of your life every day. All kinds of tasks, including manifestation, cleansing, and protection, can be accomplished with them.

It is also believed that crystals have healing properties for both the emotional and physical body. It is through the powerful energies and healing properties of crystals that they can have their healing powers.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these crystals provide a great start to any crystal collection!  

Clear Quartz

Quartz is one of the most popular crystals and are considered essential for almost everyone. The crystal is a beautiful and powerful stone that can be used in a variety of ways.

A lot of people use clear quartz for healing their bodies and minds. The holder is filled with a calm and peaceful energy.

Besides enhancing the energy of other healing crystals, it can also be used to cleanse and protect selenite, a powerful mineral for cleansing and protection.

You can use clear quartz for boosting your immune system and balancing your body from the inside out.

One of the best things about clear quartz is that it can be used as a substitute for any crystal. This means if you need a crystal for chakra or healing energy work or a spell you can simply use clear quartz in its place rather than letting something as small as not having a specific crystal get in the way of your workings.

Rose quartz

Similar to clear quartz, rose quartz is characterized by a pale pink color that varies in shades. It’s used most commonly for healing the skin and the emotional body.

Rose quartz can be used for circulation including to the skin to promote a youthful appearance. For the emotional body, rose quartz is a healer for self-esteem and promotes self-love.

Rose quartz is used abundantly in many love spells and attraction spells because it’s also known for attracting love and joy.

This stone can be used for the heart chakra. It is a wonderful stone to keep in your bedroom or to wear as a necklace or bracelet every day.

Furthermore, they make beautiful rose quartz pendants that you can hang from your review mirror in your car or wherever you see fit for best use. 


There is nothing quite like an amethyst crystal to help you deal with negative emotions. Its purplish color and calm aura are well known for their helpful attributes.

This crystal shows it’s true power when it comes to coping with mental health struggles ranging from grief to depression and anxiety. 

In the same way that the mind heals, the body also does. Healer of headaches, enhancer of the immune system, and hormone-regulator, amethyst is a powerful gemstone.

A combination of rose quartz and amethyst provides powerful benefits for your skin, making it an ideal part of your beauty rituals.

This crystal is beautiful to wear daily as an earring, bracelet, or necklace. A powerful crystal for the crown chakra, amethyst helps you control and balance emotions and enhance your intuition.

This is the crystal I recommend giving to someone that has lost a loved one or is going through a major life challenge.  


Crystal healers frequently use selenite in their practices as selenite is used for spiritual purposes. It is used to charge other stones and balance the energy of the body.

Selenite is a high vibration crystal that can help with improving overall health and the immune system along with improving the effects of other healing crystals. A selenite charging plate by your bed is a great start.

Selenite is particularly useful for helping one to forgive and find peace. In addition, selenite is amazing for cleansing negative energies in many circumstances.

Use it while smudging or charging your home, tarot decks, or other crystals. 

You will find selenite useful if you keep it near your bed or with the crystals that you usually use.

In addition, keeping this crystal by your front door will assist in cleansing the energy of people entering your home at the same time.

Selenite jewelry can dissolve in water, so keep that in mind if you wear it. In order to maintain its integrity, this means that it should remain dry.

Tigers eye

Crystals such as tigers’ eyes are used in healing for their ability to ground and center, while improving focus. Keep it on you when you are working or studying to help strengthen your retention of knowledge and your memory. For those with memory and focus issues, tiger’s eye can be a blessing.

Tigers eye is also useful for attracting luck and protecting your personal energy field. This being said, be sure to use tiger’s eye when conducting manifestation rituals to aid the process! 

Wearing a tiger’s eye bracelet allows you to take advantage of the crystal’s powers in daily life. You can improve your focus for work, school, and studying by keeping a chunk of tiger’s eye on your desk. If you find yourself doing healing work, place the tiger’s eye over your solar plexus chakra.

Black tourmaline

The healing properties of black tourmaline are outstanding. It can be found in many health and beauty products due to its neutral energy properties. Black tourmaline can be used to increase circulation and detox the body.

This crystal is often used to fight the effects of environmental pollution, including EMF pollution. Talk about a big impact! 

This crystal is excellent for wearing as well as to keep around the house, especially in the bedroom and near electronic devices. 

There are many amazing ways to use black tourmaline. The daily wear of black tourmaline brings daily protection while keeping a piece near or under your bed can help prevent nightmares, bad dreams, and sleep paralysis. In addition, black tourmaline is found in many crystal-infused water that are beneficial for the whole body. 


Citrine crystals revitalize creativity and bring the mind back to life when battling depression or fear. It can also be used to help improve digestion, circulation and improve overall physical and mental endurance.

Citrine makes a great crystal for those looking to add a new and positive energy to their lives.

For the maximum benefit of citrine, experiment with jewelry pieces made with citrine beads. It is possible to place citrine over the root chakra during healing work.

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