How To Choose A Tarot Card Deck

Many believe that a first Tarot deck must be a gift from someone else when they are just learning about Tarot and we hear the age-old myth that a person cannot choose their own first Tarot deck.

People who believe this myth have never tried Tarot card reading, and many of them have missed out on finding the perfect deck for them. Tarot decks have a variety of uses and can be used for many different purposes. 

How to choose a Tarot card deck

let the deck call you

Watch for signs that the Tarot card deck is calling you. The most common way for practitioners to get decks that were almost made for them is through this method.

When you let the deck speak to you and answer its call, you make a strong connection. This can occur in a variety of ways, such as seeing a deck repeatedly online and having it come to mind even when you aren’t looking at tarot decks. 

Tarot decks that have resonated with you may seem to pull you back to them when you are shopping in person.

One thing that becomes obvious after only a few visits to a store is that there is one particular deck that draws you back again and again. This is how my husband often finds decks for himself or to gift me. They just call him back.

Look for a deck that comes with a guide if you are a beginner.  

A lot of Tarot decks come with a guidebook that helps you see what the artist’s vision for each card was when they created the deck. Artists put their hearts and energy into their Tarot decks.

While they will carry the same general meaning as the traditional Rider-Waite deck they will also have a deeper personal meaning that came from the artists themselves embedded with their energy. 

Understanding the heart, thoughts, and feelings behind each card can enhance your intuition reading abilities, enabling the cards to have deeper meanings than ever before. 

Consider if the art speaks to you. 

You’ll be able to tell when a deck is the right fit for you when the artist’s work speaks to you in a unique way. There will be a feeling of belonging to each card as though it was created just for you.

There will be something perfect about Tarot decks for everyone, and artists help people find that perfect connection by creating work that is very personal. It is at this point where the traditional Rider-Waite deck is ineffective.

Although the traditional Tarot Deck is well known and is a great starter deck for those wanting to learn the original meanings, there are so many new options available in every style of art for Tarot decks that may speak to you and even themes that may speak to you. 

Look for a deck size that fits well for you.

Tarot decks can pose a challenge for people with small hands, especially those with smaller hands. To determine whether a tarot deck will work for you, you need to consider the size of the deck and whether you can easily shuffle it.

That said, if a deck really calls to you even if it seems too big for your hands, you should take it into consideration. Desks and readers that work well don’t always fit perfectly scale-wise, but they still find unique ways to shuffle that work well for them.

Take a look at what you want to use your deck for.

Choosing a deck that fits your personal needs has never been easier thanks to a number of amazing themed decks on the market.

While you may be able to use any deck for doing quick readings for friends if you find yourself wanting to take a different path and use your tarot deck for a specific goal like connecting with your higher self you will want a deck that helps reach that particular goal. 

Consider the uses of a deck when selecting one in order to ensure it meets your needs. As well as being tarot decks, many oracle decks are tarot decks. Individuals who are seeking self-growth can benefit from these courses. 

Don’t set limits on yourself

While your budget may not allow you to start with more than one deck, do not limit yourself to just one deck for all of your decks. Often we find a few decks that truly speak to us and make a great addition to our collections.

When you have more than one Tarot deck you can allow each deck to call to your attention when it is the right one for the situation giving you a deeper connection and clear answers. 

Tarot decks will tell you when they are the right deck for you at this time if you listen when they are “giving you all the signs.” When it comes to choosing a Tarot deck, your intuition is the best guide.

Let the deck find you

While you do not need your first Tarot deck to come to you as a gift that doesn’t mean it can’t. My first tarot deck was given to me by my best friend’s grandma and it contained only the major arcana.

This gave me the chance to get to know these cards in a very personal way that I would never have gotten if I had started with a complete deck. 

My most powerful and connected deck was giving to me by one of my closest friends I made in my adult life. She charged it up with her singing bowl and this deck popped out of the package when she mailed it to me ready to be my trusted companion and never let me down. 

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