How To Make A Love Potion

When people find out you work with witchcraft the first thing they ask is often if you can make a love potion. Making a love potion is easy and can be an effective way to draw the attention of others into your life but it also comes with risks and ethical challenges.

When it comes to making love potions there are a few things you need to consider before you even dive in and a few ways to work around it to keep your love potion ethical.

Are love potions safe?

Love potions in general are safe. That said like all magic it can back fire. One thing you can do to help ensure that your love potions do not backfire is to focus on garditutde.

When you cast a spell such as a money spell from the mindset of lack it is more likely to fail or even backfire leaving you with more expenses. In this same way, a love spell done in a lack mindset can lead to your turning people off.

To keep your love potions safe be sure to practice gratitude by thanking the universe for what you have going for you in life.

The ethical issues of love potions

Love spells since they are meant to affect another person can be a bit of an ethical issue. Before casting a love spell on someone you should consider first of all are you doing the love spell to attract love to you? Or are you targeting a single person?

How would you feel if someone cast a love spell on you or gave you a love potion? Odds are how you would react would very much depend on the person and if you have knowledge of the spell or even how you became the target of the spell.

The potions below are ethical when done as directed in the situations that they are suggested. That said they can be made unethical quite easily if you are towing that line or making a small tweak.

Ethics of magick come into play on the safety of magic so you must consider this warning when dec8iding if your love potion is safe.

How to make a love potion

Love potions can be as simple as a soothing tea that helps p[ut you back on a healthy path after a fight or even a love spell cake that simply helps put that loving energy into your life.

These love spells have different uses and can be a wonderful way to help attract love, strengthen your relationship, and attract new love to your life.

Love potion tea

This love potion tea is on of my favorite love spells. This tea is one I pull out when my husband and I have been arguing. The ingredients help to sweeten the relationship while soothing bumps and igniting flames of passion.

*** Important note: This love potion is best used when you are in a healthy relationship to help maintain your bond. Do not use this love potion if you are in a dangerous or unhealthy relationship. You can not force an abuser to love you enough to stop.***

This love potion tea is simple and is all about infusing it with intentions you will need:

:: Cinnamon, to ignite passions and spark the connection between you

:: Vanilla to soothe and drive your passion

:: Honey to sweeten your dispositions towards one another

Brew a tea by using cinnamon sticks. This works best when you brew enough for the both of you in a single vessel,. A great wya to do this is to bring some cinnamon sticks to a simmer in a pot on the stove.

This works two-fold. The aroma of cinnamon entering the air is a powerful aphrodisiac that can help to ignite the flames of passion while the tea its self is soothing, warming, and has the same effect as you breathing in while your drink.

Stir in vannilla and some honey. This will sweeten it and help to sooth over your arguments so that you can bassk in the love between you and your partner. Split into two mugs and sit toghether while you drink your tea.

Want to make it even more powerful? Discuss three things that make you happy in your relationship while you sip.

Moon water love potion

Moon water is a great addtion to your magical workings. The moon is a pwoerful tiool for your love spells. Maing a moon water love potion is a great wayt to attract love to you or even to help with self love or encourage a partners passions to come alive.

This spell is simple as makign moon water with a few added crystals to help spake love and devotion between you anre your partnr.

You will need:

:: A large glass jar

:: Rose quartz (Take it up a notch and use a new well cleanse rose yopni egg for this)

:: Clear quartz (to maginify)

:: Water

Place your crystals into your jar and fill with water. Place this out into the full moon.

In the morning use this moon water to sip. This can be drank by you to attract love of by you and yoour partner to help encourage a stong love between you. If you went with the egg suggestion this can be used as normal with a boost of beigng charged for your spell.

Love potion oil

I love esential oils or oils hta thve have been infused with herbs strong enought to take on the scent of the oil. This love potion opil is gdat for attracting atteniton from others. It cna be particually great for inghting passions between lovers.

I suggest mixing a few drops of each of these esential oils into your diffuser in your bedroom or mixing a bit into a small bottle to use as a perfume.

:: Cinnamon

:: Ylang Ylang

:: Lavender

:: Sandlewood

:: Patchouli

:: Jasmimne

If you or your tarrget are on blood presure medications leave out the Ylang Ylang for safty.

Sweet obsession love potion

Honey jar love potions are becoming incresingly popular. This is a great love potion option but can take a step into the unelthical fairly quickly. You should think carefully before doing this love potion without the other parties concent.

What you will need:

:: A glass jar with lid

:: Hair from your lover

:: Honey

:: Cinnamon stipcks

:: Rose Pettles (bonus points if from flowers your lover got you)

:: A shot of whisky

Place all of your ingrdnts into your jar and gently shake yoru love potion. For the best results your jar should be filled completly with your potion. Add as much honey as is needed to do this.

Every day take a monemt to shake this jar while thinking about your intentions.

Before doing this spell on an individual you should concider the ethics behind it. An ethical vesion of this for couples is to use hair from both partners into the potion to help keep the obession mutral.

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Remember that love spells and potions can be a tricky thing and you wnat to take the steps to be sure that it is thie right thing to do if you will be targeting a spascific person as you learn how to make a love potion.