Lunar Witchcraft: Harnessing The Power Of The Moon

We all know the moon is a fascinating and powerful part of our lives. One way to really make use of this powerful force is lunar witchcraft.

Today we are going to take the time to talk a little bit about how to use the moon and lunar witchcraft as part of your spiritual practice. Anyone can harness the moon and its power to make the most of every spell.

What is Lunar Witchcraft?

Lunar witchcraft is the art of harnessing the moon in your magickal practice. Anyone can perform magic using the power of the moon. The moon is a massive energy source that affects our everyday lives from the tides to the water in our own bodies. This can be used to help reach your goals in magic and manifestation.

How to use the moon in your magic

Charging Crystals – For your crystals to work at their highest vibration they should be cleansed and charged on a regular basis. You can charge your crystals in the light of the full moon to give them fresh energy that shines through in your magic and healing. to do this simply set them outside or in a window facing the full moon. 

Many believe that if the sun touches your crystals in the morning that the charge will be ruined but this is simply not true. The sun works to charge crystals as well but for many crystals, the power of the sun’s rays leads to damage and discoloration.

If you don’t make it out before the sunrise don’t panic but make your way outside to grab them as soon as you can. 

Make moon water

Moon water is one of my favorite ways to utilize the moon in my magic. I love to place crystals that fit my intentions along with water together out in the full moon to charge up with my intentions.

Then is drink this water every day until I run out with my goals and intentions in mind. The end result is a simple yet powerful spell using lunar witchcraft that never fails me. 

Moon water can be made in any phase of the moon allowing you to make moon water in one case and harness that energy later in another phase. I have a moon water stored under my bed I affectionately refer to as chaos water that my children are not allowed to touch.

This moon water was made on July 4th, 2020 amid the pure chaos that the world was, the full lunar eclipse, and full planet parade while the world around us erupted in fashes and bangs of fireworks. That water has some massive energy and I keep it because you never know when that kind of energy will be handy. 

Perform rituals with the moon phases

Performing rituals and spells is a major part of witchcraft. You can use the loon in your lunar witchcraft to make your own powerful spells.

The Moon Phases and Magic

Full Moon

The full moon is a great time for nearly any form of magic. Full moon magick is a great way to transform your life in every way possible. I use this time for charging things with intention, adding a speck of magic to everything from moon water to blessing my garden with abundance, and putting up fresh protection spells over friends and loved ones. 

New Moon

The new moon is a great time for magic involving growth and setting intentions for the future. The new moon is like an energetic clean slate that you can do anything you want with. The new moon is a great time to start magic for self-growth and improvement.

Waning Moon

The waning moon is the phase of the moon after the full moon has ended. The moon shrinks away and out of our view. This is a good time for ditching bad habits, breaking hexes or curses, and letting go of past trauma. For magic with the ultimate goal of gaining this is the perfect time to work on breaking roadblocks that are in the way of your manifestation or full potential. 

Waxing Moon

The waxing moon is the point after the new or dark moon when the moon begins to grow and cast light down on us again. This is a great time for harnessing the energy of the moon for growth and manifestation. This is a great time for money magic workings

Harnessing Lunar Events for your Magick

A few times a year the moon shows off with some amazing lunar events. For new and young witches this is a good time to work on setting intentions for good in your life. 

Major magickal workings should be left to older more experienced witches or done with guidance as the magic of the moon during these events is very strong and can flip in the wrong direction fairly easily.

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A great example of this is doing a money magic spell during an eclipse without the proper foundation of grateful energy. This like other money magic spells can backfire and leave you with a major unexpected expense rather than unexpected money coming in.