How to Naturally Dye Eggs for Ostara

Ostara is fast approaching and we are planning our activities to welcome spring. Like many how families celebrate Easter, we celebrate Ostara with dyed eggs. From dying to decorating with flowers and bits of spring that have started to pop up we love to bring nature into our practice. While I know I can opt to buy a natural egg dying kit and sometimes do to save time I loke using plants to dye our eggs for the chance to connect with nature.

How to get different shades when naturally dying eggs

To get different shades while naturally dying eggs you can start with a different colored egg base. Most supermarkets and farmers’ markets have plenty of white and brown eggs for you to work with. Brown eggs will give you a deeper tone that just feels natural to look at. For brighter blues and greens, you can dye naturally blue and green eggs form easter egger chickens or opt to leave them as is but the fun in dying eggs is the art it’s self.

How to dye eggs green naturally

For green eggs try using chlorophyll or spirulina powder. The leftovers are perfect for helping to keep your family healthy and make amazing green smoothie additions.

Naturally dying eggs blue

You can use red cabbage juice and baking soda to make your own blue egg dye.

grape juice will give you a bright blue. Add a dash of vinegar to help it stick.

How to naturally dye eggs brown

My favorite way to give eggs a deep brown color is to give them a soak in a cup of strong brewed coffee. To add some texture you can even roll wet eggs in dried used coffee grounds and let them sit until the wet eggs have dried then brush off the grounds.

For a rusty brown boil the skins of yellow onions. For a strong color use the skin of 6-7 onions in a cup of dye.

How to dye eggs yellow naturally

Yellow is one of the easiest homemade egg dyes you can find. these can be done simply by adding a few teaspoons of turmeric to your water right out of your kitchen cabinet. Turmeric has a tendency to dye everything making it perfect for this project.

How to naturally dye eggs red and pink

Red cabbage with a dash of vinegar will turn a great red for making red and pink easter eggs.

Shred and boil red beets to make a deep red egg dye for your Ostara eggs.

How to dye eggs orange naturally

Boil 3 teaspoons of chili powder in a cup of water for a bright orange natural egg dye.

How to dye eggs purple.

Purple eggs are easy to make by simply boiling shredded red beets until the water turns a deep purple. This natural dye is perfect for eggs and fabrics.

Without adding anything to red cabbage juice you are left with a purple dye perfect for pale baby hues. Add a bit of salt to help the color stick to your eggs better.

Blackberry or mulberry juice makes the perfect purple dye for eggs. If you have mulberries from last year still sitting in the freezer this is a great way to use them up.

Buy natural egg dyeing kits

Somet5ime4s when life gets busy the easiest way to do things is the commercially available way. Just because you are opting to use a kit to save time, energy, or money when dying eggs does not mean you have to pt for artificial dyes. These options will allow you to use natural dyes to decorate eggs for Ostara without all of the work.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Earth Paint Natural dye kit is simple as using other dye kits that traditionally contain artificial food dyes.

Eco-eggs kit allows you to dye eggs naturally and comes with a grass growing kit to make use of the packaging when you are done. This makes for a great addition to spring homeschool plans.

This ColorKitchen Natural Easter Egg Coloring Kit is a great option for quick and easy egg dyeing and comes with a drying tray built into the container.