Protection Magick For The Full Moon

The full moon magick is extremely powerful. When it comes to the full moon many people have seen the effects on everything around us from the tides to the behavior of people and animals.

Every month I see this effect vary strongly in my household. As things and people start to go crazy I pull out some full moon protection magick to help calm things down a bit and make it easier for us to thrive.

A black candle for calming negative energy

My favorite magical tool for surviving the full moon is to start burning a black candle.

These candles have a natural ability to pull negative energy out of a space and help to keep my home calm in the waves of chaos. As someone that suffers from anxiety when left unchecked, this is a blessing in my life.

Sometimes I realized the full moon is coming too late and when I light the candle I can feel the shift in the house. The biggest place I see a difference in this is with my grandmother who has a naturally negative energy that can get out of hand.

Burn cinnamon

Cinnamon is a protective herb can drastically change the energy of a space. this herb is protective but it is also known as an aphrodisiac so it is my secret weapon for balancing the energy out between my husband and me when things go a bit crazy.

This trick works all month long and you can always find a jar of cinnamon sticks on the fireplace mental, our bedroom, and of course the kitchen. As an added perk cinnamon is a great herb to attract money so it really pulls its weight when working magic into your home.

Salt… Everywhere

As a witch salt is your friend this mineral can absorb negative energy, purify your home, and even protect your family. Making your own black salt is easy and you can use black salt as a protection for your home around the full moon. Simply refresh the back salt around your threshold and window sills at the first sign of full moon energy affecting your family. I will commonly use regular salt in my beauty routine during the full moon including as a bath salt mixed with Epsom salt and even brush through my hair.

Guard your personal energy

The best protection you can use when dealing with the full moon is to guard your own energy. When everyone is affected by crazy full moon energy they can get to you and that can break down your own guards.

Spend time each day doing something to take care of yourself and practice mindfulness. This can help keep your own energy up and protect you from the full moon slump.

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Use the full moon in a protectin spell

Oddly enough despite the chaos, the full moon causes you can actually use all of that energy in a protection spell of your own. The full moon is a great time to work on protection spells for your home and family. The moon’s energy will aid your favorite protection spells lending powerful magick.