How To Perform A Cleansing Ritial Bath

Are you looking to add ritual baths to your practice? Many different paths partake in this practice regularly but anyone can perform a cleaning ritual bath.

Ritual baths are a wonderful addition to your magic and your life in general.

Why you should do a ritual cleansing bath

Ritual cleaning baths are great for removing the energy on your body before you step into the spells you plan to do. Many practices use ritual baths to cleanse as part of their larger rituals. You are in no way limited to using them in this way.

Ritual cleansing baths can be great when you feel that your energy has gone in the wrong direction or you feel you are holding onto energy from the world around you.

Herbs and flowers for your ritual cleansing bath

While you can turn any bath into a cleansing bath by simply willing the water to wash away the energy of the day sometimes you want something a bit more magical. One way to make your cleansing ritual bath even more magical is to use herbs and flowers.

One thing to consider here is your drain system. Avoid using small herbs and flowers if you do not have a good strainer on your bathtub drain. These will go down the drain and clog them.

If you wish to use tea herbs use a tea infuser in your bath. Larger flowers and leaves like in the photo here can be skimmed out before draining.

While you can add any herbs and flowers you want to your cleansing bath but some will aid more in clearing the energy so you can feel renewed and ready for what you have planned next be it bed, performing a ritual with a group, or practicing your craft on your own.

Some of my favorites include:

:: Lavender

:: Chamomile

:: Jasmine

:: Rose

:: Mint

:: Lemon balm

:: Cinnamon sticks

:: Fruit peals or slices

Crystals for your cleaning ritual bath

Crystals make a great addition to your cleaning bath. You can place some directly in the water though others that are water soluble and great for cleansing ritual baths like selenite are better off on the counter away from the water.

My favorite crystals for cleansing baths include:

:: Selenite powder (in the bath)

:: Selenite crystal (on the counter)

:: Rose quartz

:: Amethyst

:: Obsidian

:: Citrine

Tips to performing a ritual bath

You can perform your ritual bath however you choose though there are a few things you should consider.

Cleanse physically before taking your ritual cleansing bath. Removing dirt and grime from your skin and hair first will keep the bath clean rather than murky.

Visualize the negative energy flowing out of your body being replaced by the positive energy in the water. As the tub drains visualize the negative energy flowing out of the drain.

Meditate while in the bath breathing life into your intentions.

How to do a ritual shower

Not everyone has a bathtub they can soak in. This Doesn’t mean you can not enjoy a ritual cleansing shower. Simply visualize the negative energy flowing from your body and down the drain.

A few ways to add some magic to your cleansing shower.

:: Surround yourself with crystals.

:: Diffuse cleansing essential oils.

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:: Use herb-infused sugar scrubs.