How To Break A Curse

There are several types of curses from the unintentional evil eye, and simple curses like prayers, to full-on ritual curses. There are just as many great ways to break curses.

How you break a curse depends on what curses you think you have been affected by and how many issues you are having with it.

What is a curse?

A curse is a prayer, spell, or ritual used to punish or harm someone. Some are uni9ntentional like the evil eye, others are deeply rooted in anger, jealousy, and other negative emotions, and others are built to right a wrong.

How to tell if you have a curse on you

Most people do not ever notice that they are cursed and simply think their bad luck is just that luck, or perhaps a bit of karma. If you suspect more is involved you may notice one of the following:

:: Your house plants dying

Plants in and around your home are very protective of you and your pace. When working to ward off negative energy they may get sick or die off for no apparent reason.

:: Unexplained exhaustion.

A curse or a hex can leave you exhausted because of energy that is being sucked out of you or because of a heavyweight holding your energy in.

This may manifest in other medical symptoms that can not be explained.

:: Energy blocks or balance issues

If you are continually fighting to realign your chakras or fighting with energy blocks. If you find that your workings and spells are failing repeatedly it may be due to someone from the outside affecting you.

:: Continual bad luck

If your life starts to feel like a series of unfortunate events it may be due to having a curse or a hex on you. Breaking a curse or a hex is a great way to help clear away this negative energy.

That said doing a curse-breaking spell may not fix everything because at the end of the day sometimes these phases are meant to teach you a lesson.

:: Odd repetitions

Does the same negative thing keep happening to you when you do something? Do you feel those are connected even when it makes not sense because it is not a normal natural consequence?

Some of the simplest yet well-planned curses will act in this way because they are meant to teach you something. Pay attention to what you are doing when this thing keeps happening and look for what could possibly be a trigger.

How to break a curse

Breaking a curse can be easier than you think and how you do it can be dependent on what the curse was or who it came from. These examples of curse-breaking can help make it easier for you to break your curse.

How to break an evil eye curse

The evil eye curse is one of the most common ones you will ever find. Most people that cast this curse are not doing it intentionally or even know that this exists.

The most common way to deal with this is through an evil eye charm. These charges are worn on the person or over the entrance of their home. This charm will then clear away negative energy that is attached to you by judging eyes.

Breaking simple curses

There are several ways you can break simple curses that have been cast upon you. These simple methods will help to break away the negative energy and allow you to see and act with a clear mind.

Cleans your space

If you find that life is going wrong a lot lately it may be that the negative energy of another person has connected to you or your space. Start by cleansing your space this can be done with smoke cleansing or smudging. I like to burn cinnamon for this.

Try a cleansing bath

A cleansing bath is a great way to clear away negative energy including from curses. Try a ritual cleaning bath when you feel tired or warn down to help remove any negative energy someone has attached to you and to wash away those ties.

Do a candle spell

I love candle spells and candles spells are a great way to break a curse. You can use a larger candle and place it in a safe place such as indie your bathtub or in a large pot on the stove where the candle will be safe for long burns.

For a less than troublesome curse a small chime candle will do the trick and clear away negative forces in your life.

How to send a curse back to the sender

Want to clear away a curse that has been cast on you and return it to the sender? This is where mirrors and magic make for a wonderful team.

A simple way to send a curse back to the sender is to place a mirror while breaking your curse. When we clear away from my inlaws I always place a mirror behind the spell to help bounce that energy back at the person that sent it to us.

If you know exactly which person it is that is cursing you a great option is to place their name or a photo of them in between two mirrors and seal them together. This will constantly bounce the negative energy they are sending back at them.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Remember that breaking a curse is not complicated and learning how is well worth your time before you need it so that you can always act fast or simply to offer yourself protection.