How To Build A Moon Altar

Are you looking to get started working with lunar magick? Lunar magick is a great form of magic that harnesses the power of the moon. One great way to do this is to build a moon altar.

Your moon alter can be outside under the moonlight or inside where it is safe from the elements. You can build one to leave it up all the time or make a moon altar for the different moons you wish to use in your craft.

What is a moon altar?

A moon altar is like any other altar you use in your craft. A place to leave things that honor your practice and any deities or entities you are using in your practice. In this case, it is the moon and the energies the moon produces.

Your moon altar can be big or small. It can be filled with many things or simply just a couple of things that hold meaning to you.

Why you should build a moon altar

Building a moon altar like building any other type of alter is a great way to focus your energy and intentions. This can enhance your craft and improve your results should you find that your spells don’t work.

An altar is a great way to show your gratitude to the universe, deities, and forces that you are calling upon in your magic. Showing gratitude is a wonderful way to raise your vibration and improve the success of your work.

How to build a moon altar

Building a moon altar is easy and entirely personal. You can add anything you feel called to add to your altar.

You can place your alter anywhere though for a moon altar I recommend placing it somewhere the moonlight can touch such as outside or near a window.

Things to put on a moon altar

Your moon alter can have anything on it that you associate with the moon. I love to keep one of those moon lamps on mine when I set it up for moon magic. This lets me have a representation of the moon right there on the alter.

Consider adding crystals to your moon altar. These crystals can include things clear quartz, selenite, rainbow moonstone, or any other crystal you feel called to.

Food such as moon cakes and moon cookies make a great option though you can place other foods like fruits and grains.

Add offerings of jewelry to your moon altar. Moon or star-themed pieces are best for this.

Add colors like gold, green, and silver to your moon altar. this can come in the form of an alter cloth, candles, or trinkets.

Candles make a great addition to any altar. Try lighting a candle with your intention. You can use a candle in a color that fits the intention.

A jar of water. If you are placing your moon altar in the mon light you can make your moon water right on your altar.

A statue of any moon goddess you follow. While not everyone follows a deity for those that do the moon altar can be a great offering for a moon goddess that you follow.

Things to put on a new moon altar

If you are using a moon lamp on your altar you can opt to leave the lamp off. If have a multi-color moon lamp consider using a darker color light.

White flowers like jasmine and white roses make a great addition to your full-moon altar to represent the full moon.

Things to put on a full moon alter

If you are using a moon lamp on your altar turn it on to represent the full moon.

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Add a crystal bowl. Crystal bowls are a great representation of renewal and healing. These can be a wonderful way to represent these in your new moon altar.