Simple Ways To Raise Your Vibration

One of the best ways to make your day go better and add power to your magickal working is to raise your personal vibration. When you raise your vibration you open yourself up to better outcomes and more joy in life.

Raising your vibration can be done with simple everyday things that change the energy of you and your personal space.

Simple ways to raise your vibration.

Journaling is a great way to let go of negative emotions, energy, and struggles that lower your personal vibration. Journaling makes a great outlet for your stresses and a great place to start adding thoughts of good things to balance out the negative thoughts in your head. Choose a fun journal that will spark your imagination.


Meditation is a personal practice that brings you closer to your higher self. This is a great way to raise your vibration and bring peace to an unsettled mind. Set up a personal space for meditation that helps you get the most of your time in meditation.


Be grateful for what you have. When you spend time focusing on the good in your life you raise your vibration and open up your life to more good things. Gratitude is one way the universe works in our favor with manifestation.


Take a relaxing bath with your favorite bath bomb for a great way to relax and change a bad mood quickly. When you take a moment to wash away your stress you instantly raise your personal vibrations.

Spend time in nature.

Spending time in nature is a great way to ground and center. This is a natural way to raise your vibrations and make for a great way to naturally raise your vibration.

Get up and dance.

dancing is a great way to raise positive energy and is often used for its ability to raise the vibration of a group for rituals. Dancing can be done anywhere at nearly any time making it a great option to raise your vibrations no matter where life takes you.


Play music, sing, or even go to a concert or festival. Sound is a powerful tool that can be used to raise your vibration. You can even use simple sound tools like singing bowls to make your own music that raises your vibration and heals your body.


Spend some time with your crystals. Chyristals are great tools for raising your vibration. I personally love Selenite for this purpose.


Smoke cleansing your space can be a great way to clear out old energy and raise your vibration. You can use classic sage, Palo Santo, or a fun and exciting smudge stick. I for one love to use cinnamon to cleans my space.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

A great way to raise your vibration is to help someone else. Donate something you no longer need, help someone with schoolwork, or finding recourses they need, or go volunteer for a cause close to your heart. Helping others is truly good for the soul.