Using Mirrors In Magic

Mirrors are a powerful magic tool that nearly everyone has available in their homes. Something we don’t usually think about until we are working on a spell to return unpleasant energy back to its sender but the truth is there are many great ways to use mirrors in magic.

The other day one of my witchy friends got really excited about some cute little mirrors that her future mother-in-law gave her while decluttering. She sent a photo to me and it sent my mind off into ideas for using them to magnify the energy of spells and soon she and I were thinking up some great ways to use mirrors in magickal workings.

Hex and curse removal with mirrors

For me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about working with magic and mirrors is using them to help remove a hex or curse and send that magick back to its sender.

I have personally used this to help removes some negative energy that was placed against my husband and me from someone that didn’t like seeing us happy. I used two red candles with our names carved into them, bound by a white ribbon, and placed it in front of a mirror.

The spell was very effective and can be used for all sorts of situations when someone has wished ill will on you. Remember anyone can do magick it is all about the energy they are putting out into the universe so you have to keep your guard up even when it comes to non-witches.

Using mirrors for crystal grids.

My friend had the great idea of using mirrors to amplify crystal grids. I love crystal grids because they are a really fun way to play with crystals and harness their energy in my home. The idea to do them on top of mirrors to help amplify their energy is a great way to get even more from our crystals.

Amplify candle spells with mirrors

Candle magic is one of my favorite types of spells. I always have a candle going with some sort of spell. Right now I have a candle going with a money spell on the mantle. Placing a mirror behind or under a candle is a great way to amplify the energy of your spell as you send it out into the universe.

Scrying mirrors

Scrying mirrors are perhaps one of the more commonly known mirrors used in magick. These black voids are perfect for looking into and finding signs from the universe that you can interpret to help you receive information from the universe and guide you.


Mirrors can make a great defensive energy tool for your home. Placing a mirror by your door helps to reflect negativity back when it tries to enter with you or when you open your door.

You can use two mirrors to trap someone or something that doesn’t serve you well. Similar to a freezer spell you can place the name of your enemy on a sheet of paper or directly on your mirror and tape the two together. you can add herbs or dressing oils to increase the power of the spell.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Mirrors for self-love spells.

The best love spells are all about finding the power to love yourself and see yourself as the amazing manifestation of the universe you are. A simple way to work on your self-love is to look into a mirror every day and tell yourself that you are loved, that you are strong, that you are magick its self.