Starting The Month On The Right Foot

The past few months throwing cinnamon in your front door has become a very popular wealth practice for the start of each month. This of course is not the only way you can start out on the right foot every month.

This month, I challenge you to look for other things you can do today to help establish a wealth mindset in your home.

Set up daily affirmations

One thing I have done to help encourage this positive mindset was to set an affirmation to play on my Amazon echo dot in my room every morning when the sunrise hits. I also have a mid-set playlist packed full of songs that remind me that life is good even if I’m not feeling that way.

Today is a great day to change the alarm on your phone to an affirmation to start your day out right or to put together a playlist that will set the tone for your entire month.

Bring some Goddess Energy into your space

A couple weeks ago a package arrived from Conscious Items containing the wealth goddess lamp and all I could think about is how it makes such a wonderful addition to my bedroom to help encourage the positive energy I want in my life.

This crystal lamp is really cool because comes with a variety of crystals that help to attract your intentions and the glow of the lamp adds that romantic touch to your space. This makes a great addition to your home at the start of a new month because these crystals will help set the tone for your month. If you want to learn more about the company I will talk about them again below.

Set intentions for the month

While you are likely to think about setting intentions for the month on the new moon or on the full moon as part of your rituals but the start of the month is a great time to set intentions for your goals. If you are looking to bring wealth and abundance into your home this is a good time to set goals and intentions for this.

Make a plan for the month

Are you looking to eat heather or save money? Start now by making a plan now to help reach those goals. Now is a great time to make a meal plan to help make these better choices.

Are you looking to prepare for the future? Set together goals for what you can do to prepare. Make a list of items you want to start gathering, projects you want to finish, and even new skills you want to learn.

Add to your gratitude journal or bank

A gratitude journal is a great way to help encourage abundance in your life. Starting the month out on the right foot should include working on gratitude for what you have. I like to keep a gratitude bank next to my manifestation box because gratitude truly is the language of the universe.

Take some time for yourself

Start your month out on the right foot by taking some time for yourself. Practice meditation, go for a walk, or participate in any of your favorite mindfulness activities to help start out the month going in the right direction.

About Conscious Items

Today I am introducing you to a new partner I will be working with to bring you a quality place to buy crystals for your practice. Conscious Items sent me the Wealth Goddess Lamp and the abundance anklet. This brand is all about providing you with quality crystals to help with your goals for growth, manifestation, and holistic health. Over the next few months, you will notice I direct you this way more often than amazon in an effort to help you get familiar with a company that provides real natural crystals that are ethically sourced.

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