Things To Do Before You Cast A Spell

Casting spells can be as simple as a prayer or mantra to ad advanced as a full-fledged ritual. The type of spell you are casting has a major effect on what you should do beforehand. Before you cast a spell there are a few things you should do and consider to help your spell become successful. If your spells tend to fail it may be that you are not preparing before them.

Make sure your mind is in the right place

Before you cast your spells you need to make sure your mind is in the right place. This means you need to know exactly what you want as the outcome of your spell, clearing your mind of distractions, and taking a moment to look at the good things in your life you are grateful for to help raise your energetic vibration.

Before you cast your spell take a moment to meditate on it and envision getting what you want from your spell. This will help focus your energy where it is needed.

Get to the root of your intention

When working any form of magick your intention is vital. You need to be clear on what your intentions are. your intentions give your magic and energy focus and are how you tell the universe where to direct your spell when you cast it. Take a deep look at the why of your intentions and if they will truly benefit you in the end before you begin.

Find or make a spell that fits your need

You can look for spells online like this kid-friendly money spell and use it to modify and create your own spell that suits the needs and situation as the spell-caster.  No matter how powerful a spell claims to be if you follow it to the letter it will always be more powerful if it has your own personal twist added in that helps to funnel your energy into the spell.

Gather your supplies

While not all spells require tools these can be a great way to help increase the energy you put into your spells.

You can use a variety of different tools or methods.  These tools would contain the energy which can be used to represent your desires and goals. There are different kinds of tools like herbs, oils, candles, cards, stones, runes, etc. you can use these tools to help your spells but they are only those tools. They are not the heart of the spell. You are. 

If you can’t find a particular ingredient for a spell look for something similar to use or something you can use to represent the missing tool when casting your spell.  

Be mindful of where you cast your spell

Before you cast a spell you should be mindful of where you are working. You want an area where you are not likely to be disturbed while you work. Having someone run and interrupt you can be really frustrating and make it extremely difficult to focus your energy and intentions on your goal. 

For some spells, you may want to take the time to find an area that will aid in your spell. Working outside in nature can be a great way to gather more energy for your spells. Choosing a place where you can bask in the moonlight is a great way to help take advantage of the phases of the moon in your spell, and heading out to your porch in a storm or throwing open the windows will let you harness that energy for clearing or protection spells.  

Prepare the energy of your workspace

Negative energy can really affect your spell. While many witches cast circles to help clean and protect their energy as they work you can simply take the time to clear your workspace in whatever way works best for you. Your spells will benefit from this clearing of negative energy that can slow or even stop them from working. 

I am not the type of witch that feels the need to cast a circle for every little spell and rarely do. Instead, I simply surround myself with light airy energy by pushing a call of energy from my center out into the world surrounding me and my workspace. This allows me to clear the area and set up a quick energy grid for protection in one easy step.

Time your spells for the best advantage

Timing your spell can be important. Before working a spell take the time to think about if a particular time would be more effective. Many witches use lunar witchcraft to help harness the energy of the moon and other bodies in the universe with optimal timing to enhance their spells.

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Before working a spell consider if it can wait for the next big universal event that you can use to pull energy from. When working spells like those for protection you can work the spell at any time but timing can really enhance the spell. Working a protection spell, while your target is sleeping, can be a powerful way to help them absorb that protective energy.