Amber Candle Meaning

Amber is a yellow with a hint of orange or brown making it a middle ground between colors. This candle color is great for using in your magic. Often amber candles are a tan tone.

Using amber candles is great for when you are looking to do a spell for guidance or heating.

Amber Color Spiritual Meaning

Amber is great for illuminating the path ahead. This color is good for when you are looking for caution in times ahead. Amber is associated with the yellow traffic light that leans towards caution and preparing for the future.

Amber candles are also associated with the color of Baltic Amber. A resin that is used for its strong healing and pain-relieving properties. Pairing an amber candle with amber jewelry is great for helping a loved one heal or fight pain.

How amber candles are beneficial

Amber candles are beneficial because of their many healing properties.

Amber candles are great for helping to absorb pain and negative energy. You can use an amber candle in the room of someone that is suffering from pain or as part of proxy healing.

Lighting an amber candle as part of your meditation space to fight stress or depression is a great option. Every step you make to make your space more welcoming and relaxing can help to easy your stress and facilitate healing.

Anber candles are benfical for guidance

Are you unsure of the path you should be taking? Do you feel that you need to be cautious and make a wise decision? Lighting an amber candle for your meditation or when doing a spell for guidance can help.

When lighting your candle think about the topic you are in need of guidance on to help find the right path. If you are using candle magic and reading the candle while seeking guidance an amber candle is a great choice.

How to use Amber candles In your magic

Amber candle spell for healing or pain

Amber candles make a great addition to a healing spell or a basket of a loved one. Bless your amber candle and pair it with a piece of handmade amber jewelry to use as part of your healing spell.

After preparing your healing spell for you or a loved one you can then light your candle with your intuitions and hold your amber jewelry above the flame high enough that it will not harm the amber but will begin to warm it to release its natural fragrance.

This will help to activate the jewelry faster than simply placing it onto the skin while helping to infuse it with your positive intentions.

Using amber candle spell for guidance

Are you looking to find the right direction in life? You can use an amber cancel for a spell for guidance.

For this simple amber candle spell for guidance, you will need an amber candle or a white candle in an amber jar to make use of this energy.

You will need a safe space to burn your candle where you can leave it unattended if need be for a while until it burns out. A large pot is always a great option or you could place it in your sink or bathtub with some water around it.

On either side of the candle place something to represent your choices. This could be as simple as a photo of the different choices you have. If you do not know your choices ahead of you can use something to represent guidance like a map or compus.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Light your candle with the intention of illuminating the wisest path ahead of you and spend some time meditating on the topic then go about your day cleaning and working around your home while the candle burns down in a fire-safe container.