Red Candle Meaning And How To Use Them

There are several red candle meanings that are great for putting to use in your workings. Red candles are abundant and easy to find on sale during the approaching holiday season and even have great corresponding scents for common red candle meanings.

Red candles are popular for romantic scenes and can be a great use for magic making use of passion. Red candles are great for success and revenge.

Meaning of a red candle

Red candles are great for sex, vitality, passion, success, war, and tapping into your masculine energy. Red candles are an all-or-nothing kind of color that can mean big changes in your life.

When you use red candles in your work it is like setting a flame to paper. There is not going back and change may come flying at an intensity you are not prepared for meaning if you are going to invoke the meaning of red candles into your magic you need to be ready for anything.

How can you use red candles?

Red candles are powerful additions to your magic. Because of the deep power of red candles, I like to use them for spells that require the strongest of energy and power to perform.

Red candles are great for using in sex magic, in drawing in prosperity, and inciting strong lust though it is not the best option for a soft sweet love spell. For love spells, you are better off with a pink candle.

Red candles because of how they tend to be strong and forceful like a flame are my favorite for things like breaking a curse or cutting cords. Red candles can help burn through these ties in ways white candles and black candles just can not, this must be done with caution because red candles do not offer the protection of black.

How to use red candles in your magic

There are many great ways to use red candles in your workings.

Red candles to break a curse

There was a point in our marriage when we realized there were a lot of things at play that had been trying to cause us issues. Luckily nothing had been able to break us despite the best of efforts. To break the curse cast upon us, I set up a spell.

I placed two red candles in a large bowl of water so II could let these tall taper candles burn down safely. I connected the two candles with a white ribbon to represent the ties between my husband and I.

We placed this bowl in front of a mirror to send that energy back to the person that sent it and lit the two candles allowing them to burn down and the white ribbon to fall into the water where it remained in one strong piece.

This spell worked like a charm and the things that had been coming our way stopped. We also noticed a that we grew emotionally closer over the next few months strengthening our bond further.

Use in spells for success

Red candles are great for spells for success including in business and money. Like orange candles, they can be sued to help attract customers to your business and help it be more successful.

The simplest option here is to light a red candle in your office, workshop, or store to set your intentions and keep putting it out into the universe. This is by far one of the best perks of candle magic.

Be mindful that this can lead to attracting more customers than you are prepared to deal with. This can be a great thing but is one reason you need to be prepared for any possibility before using a red candle in your spells.

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