Spells To Attract love

When I am asked for spells the same two requests come time and time again. Everyone is looking to attract money and love into their lives. It is not a surprise to me that both of these are so closely related to many. Love and money are both controlled by the flow of the sacral chakra. The reason I refer to love spells as spells to attract love is that the true power in love spells comes directly from you and your own self-love.

Self-love to attract love to you.

If you want to attract love or just give your relationship you already have a boost you need to consider the true key to attracting love to you. Before anyone else can love you, you must love yourself. Like magick for beauty you must start with yourself. This is because we tend to beat ourselves down and that can really mess with our energy making it hard to pull in the right people. In this section, we are going to discuss magick that can help you learn to love yourself and in turn make it easier for love to find you and stick around.

Easy ways to work magick into your everyday life to attract love

  • Start your day with mantras that remind you how good of a person you are inside and out
  • Carry rose quartz in your pocket
  • Take time for mindfulness activities.
  • Eat food that makes you feel energetic and happy
  • Volunteer to help others
  • Spend time outside in nature
  • Take count of the love you already have in your life (family, friends, pets)

Candle spell to attract love to you

With Valentines Day fast approaching many people are looking for love spells to help make the day special. If you are looking to attract love to you Valentines Day is a great day to do a love spell. This simple candle love spell is a great option for even beginner witches. This year’s Valentine’s Day lands on a Friday the day associated with the goddess of love Venus.  If doing this spell any other time of year Friday or the full moon are both great times to do this spell. If you have time to work up to the full moon try working on self-growth during the new moon before doing a love spell.

For ethical reasons you do not want to think of a particular person as you work this spell. This is two-fold. 1) You do not want to force love from anyone else against their own free will. It is not our place to control others. and 2) b envisioning a particular person you may find yourself blocking out the love that the universe already has plants to send your way.

You will need:

Gather everything and go off into a quiet place.

Envision what it feels like to be with a partner you truly love. To wake up next to them, to laugh and joke, to make up after a big argument. Envision yourself with your home and family with your partner.

Focus on the feelings as you tie three knots into the ribbon. The first small to represent you. The middle large (think double or triple knot) to represent you and your love together making a strong connection, and the third knot to represent your partner.

Wrap this ribbon around the candle and secure it with a bow to bind the connection.

Write love on your bay leaf and burn it. Be sure to be on a heat-safe surface or using a container that is safe to burn into protect from fire.

Allow your candle to burn down while you sit and envelope yourself in a feeling of love and happiness.

If you are using a large candle repeat the process over the next few days lighting the candle with thoughts of love and happiness and going thought your day while it burns down a bit. This is a great way to keep your intentions alive even when you have stepped away from your spell back into your daily life. I love to put on music that matches my intentions and dance while I clean the house allowing magic to flow out into the universe while I clean.

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How to make love magic work?

While many of you found this site looking for how to magically bring love into your life those of you that know me to know that I am a strong advocate for making sure you leave your magic open to success. When it comes to love magic you need to keep an open mind. The universe loves to send us just what we need even when it looks nothing lie we expected. YHour love spell may not bring you a romantic partner. It could very well bring you a new pet as a companion, a new friend, or a love interest that is far different from what you ever imagined yourself with. Remember that love comes in many forms.