What Is Shadow Work And Why Should You Do It?

There has been a lot of talk about shadow work. Many people in our generation have dove head first into shadow work without realizing it. Today I would like to take to you about what is shadow work and why you should do shadow work.

What is shadow work?

Sahdow work is working with your uncouchase mind to discover the parts of yourself that you are hiding. the parts fo you that the way you where raised became hidden away. the parts of you that society told you was bad so you surpassed it in order to be the person that was expected of you.

Shadow work is the process in which you connect with this side of you and learn to love yourself as a whole being. This process frees the real you that may be hiding due to trama, abuse, or simply feeling that the part of you is bad or wrong.

Why should you get to know your shadow self?

When you get to know your shadow self you find that you can heal past trama, becomes stronger mentally, and learn to become the fully powerful person you are deep down.

Often people try to hid there darker side. The side of them that they think the world doesnt want to see. When you let that shadow side free and allow it to be part of your practice and part of your every day life,

Gettting to know this side of you can be a freeing experiance thathelps you find where you are meant to be in life. the vesrion of yourself that is heald and strong will amaze you but to see that version of your self you need to get to know your shadow side.

How shadow work can benefit you

There are some great beneifts to shadow work that can be life changing in so many ways.

Doing shadow work can heal past trama.

Most of us have trauma form our past that still effects us to this day. Performing shadow work allows you to work with the side of yourself that is hiding away with that trama.

Hiding away part of yourself in the shadow after trauma is natural prortective mechanisum. While this is a natural thing to do it is not healhty for you and takign the time to face that trama and free that part of yourself can do amazing things for your mental health and life in general.

Doing shadow work can make your magic more powerful

Wehn many people first find magic and witchcraft they are told that they must be good and selfelss in there magic. This is a common way that many are held vback from all of the possabuliit4es withon them.

The myth that dark or black is bad tends to scare people away from there darker self. When you do shadow work and free this side of yourself you will stop feeling gult over useing magic for yourself.

Build self confiadance

As you work with your shadow self you will build selff acceptance. As you learn to accept yourself for who you are you cevome more confiande. Confidance makes you more interesteing and attractive.

That includes when it comes to the law of attraction. As you become confiadnt in who you are and your abuility to manifset thisngs will come your way easier and more often.

Become more creative

When you free your shadow self you free the side of you that has hidden away the person you really are. Often when we hide away part of ourselves we tend to hide away our creativity out of fear that we will see judgment. Doing shadow work frees that part of you so you can truly see the beacuty in your mind.

Build healthy relationships

Doing shadow work allows you to no longer hide the deepr part of yourself. The side that may be afraid to speek up or stick up for yourself is set loose. While this can tear though unhealthy realtionships in your life you will find that it helps you to build strong healhty relationships with the people that are truyly worth your time beacuse they can accept you for who you are.

Shadow work is about self love and learning to be at one with every part of yourself.

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Shadow work is hard and it can even be scaazry. Shadow work can turn your life upsdie down but when you come out the other side you will find that you are much better off than you where before.

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